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Founded in 1937 as Canada’s first volunteer centre, the VBM’s mission is to promote volunteerism in the community.

It offers non-profit organizations volunteer recruitment and referral services, training workshops for volunteer resource managers, organizes volunteer fairs, and provides support to a network of roughly seventy Meals on Wheels and Community Lunch groups.

Free conferences to encourage women to get involved in decision-making spheres...
Short-term activities, non-conventional voluntary work, remote volunteering for 12 to 17 year olds.
Training workshops primarily for voluntary resource managers.
Network of 70 Meals on Wheels and Community Meals.
Volunteer recruitment for VBM's member organizations.
Privileged access to the VBM's services by becoming a member of a vast network!
List of the VBM's member organizations looking for volunteers.
Teambuilding, social impact and differentiation through group volunteering!