500 Great Reasons to Volunteer!



Whether you’re interested in volunteering three hours per week or per month, or only once a year, the VBM offers you many ways to find what you're looking for.


The Volunteer Bureau of Montreal recruits volunteers for more than 500 charitable and non-profit organizations active in many fields—including health and social services, community development, sports and recreation, education, the environment, arts and culture and others. Potential volunteers have a wide range of activities to choose from. The Volunteer Bureau will direct you to activities that best meet your priorities and that correspond to your interests, skills and availability.

1. Visit the following Web pages:

  • I want to volunteer: Our search engine gives you direct access to over 580 current requests.
  • Live your dreams!: Is there something you dream of doing? Volunteering can be a way to do it!
  • Most recent requests: Several new requests come in each week.
  • Short-term activities: Some people interested in volunteering would rather not take on a long-term commitment. The short-term activities listed may be just what they're looking for.
  • I'm under 18: A special listing of volunteer opportunities available to young people.
  • Student volunteering: Frequently asked questions.
  • Group volunteering: Corporations or other organizations often encourage their employees or members to get involved in the community as volunteers. Find out more!
  • Volunteer opportunities: Get an overview of the many different areas in which volunteers are needed.

2. Make an appointment with one of our volunteer placement counsellors

Our volunteer placement counsellors meet with members of the general public who are interested in volunteering. They spend 20 to 30 minutes interviewing candidates in order to direct them to volunteering opportunities corresponding to their interests, skills and abilities. A follow-up is conducted by phone a few weeks after the interview. Some 1500 people were interviewed in the past year. Call 514.842.3351 to make an appointment.

3. Consult volunteer listings in the media

The media, especially the written press, are one of our best sources of recruitment. Our press releases are sent out every week in both English and French to some 95 organizations, including major dailies, a number of weekly publications, a few television stations and numerous radio stations.

Don’t forget that you can also consult your neighbourhood newspapers, friends and colleagues. If a particular organization has caught your interest, you can try to contact it directly to find out its volunteer needs. Should you have any questions about the various volunteering opportunities available, feel free to contact us at 514.842.3351 or info [at] cabm [dot] net (e-mail us).

We hope you enjoy your volunteering experience!

If you live in the province of Quebec but the volunteer opportunities you find here aren’t in your geographic area, visit the FCABQ Web site to find your closest volunteer bureau. The FCABQ (Fédération des centres d'action bénévole du Québec) is the Quebec federation of volunteer bureaus.

For the rest of Canada, visit the Volunteer Canada Web site for more information.

Volunteer Bureau of Montreal / Centre d'action bénévole de Montréal
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Montreal, Quebec H3G 1W7
Telephone: 514.842.3351 / Fax: 514.842.8977
info [at] cabm [dot] net

Photos: Ariel Tarr

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