Gala's finalists
Call for submission as ended. Discover the winners here. Thank you for your participation!

Employer-Supported Volunteering Award

Aims to recognize a corporation from the private, public or parapublic sector for carrying out with its employees one or several innovative group volunteering activities in Montreal, within one or more VBM member organizations, AND/OR for adopting the best policies or practices to promote volunteering among its employees.

     Prix du bénévolat Corporatif

Volunteer Manager Award

Aims to reward a volunteer coordinator from a VBM member organization located in Montreal that distinguished herself/himself through innovative good practices with regards to the recruitment, retention, management and recognition of volunteers.

     Gestionnaire de bénévoles Gala

Group Volunteering Award

Aims to reward a group of individuals, an association or a family that took the initiative to carry out one or more innovative volunteer activities in Montreal within a VBM member organization. This category excludes corporative groups.

     Prix du bénévolat de Groupe

Innovative Volunteer Award

Aims to reward a person that carried out a volunteer activity that was innovative through its nature, scope or impact, in Montreal and within a VBM member organization.

     Prix du bénévole novateur

Volunteer Public Personality Award


Aims to reward a known public figure of the cultural, sports or business medium that stood out through their volunteer engagement as spokesperson or as member of a committee for a VBM member organization.

     Prix de la Personnalité bénévole