Tickets Purchase - Information confirmation

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You receive this form because you have made a transaction or an order to purchase tickets for the 2nd Volunteer Recognition Gala in Montreal.
To complete your purchase, please complete the following information confirmation form based on the informations of each guest at the Gala included in your transaction or order before April 8, 2019, 5pm.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you have not completed the form indicating the information of your guests on April 8, the seats will be reserved in the name of the buyer and his organization. In addition, a standard menu (non-vegetarian) will be ordered by default for your guests.
Please present yourself at the reception on the day of the Gala to signify your arrival.

If you have made a purchase for tickets following the solicitation of one of our ambassadors, please provide his first name and name above. Otherwise, please write "No".

Guest informations 1

If this section is left empty, please note that a standard dish will be served on Gala Day.