Before You Start: Know Your Group

Before you can choose or design a volunteering activity suited to your group's needs and wishes, there are a few questions you'll need to answer:



How many volunteers will be taking part in this activity? If needed, would you be willing and able to divide into smaller sub-groups?


Why are you doing this? What are you hoping to get out of the experience?


Is there a specific cause or clientele you'd like your efforts to support? environment, literacy, immigrants, or the ill, for instance. For more ideas, click here. Do you have some idea of what type of activity or tasks you'd like to undertake?
Are there particular skills, talents, or knowledge you are looking to share or acquire?


When are you available (time(s) and day(s))? How much time do you intend to devote to volunteering - does the group want to volunteer on a regular basis, for a certain period of time, or just the once? You can consider doing something at the same time every year, or monthly, for instance.


In which neighbourhood or part of the city is your group looking to help out? Are you willing to do something outside of the Greater Montreal area?


What transportation arrangements have you got in mind? car, public transit, etc
Is there a specific language(s) in which would you prefer to do your volunteer work?
Does your group have a budget for this activity?
Do you really have the time to organize this activity? Every group volunteering project demands at least some preparation. Can you really afford to take on this project?