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Information on recruiting organizations

Make sure to furnish proof of incorporation as a non-profit organization as requested  


Request form for volunteers





  • Please let us know when you accept one of the volunteers we refer OR when a request is no longer active.  
  • Please call us every six (6) months to review your permanent requests. »» 514 842 3351


  • A separate request form needs to be filled out for each volunteer position.
  • Be clear & precise in filling out your request forms.
  • Give us details about the volunteer's tasks, schedule (time & days), language requirements, etc.
  • Send us copies of your fliers or other information by Canada Post, to provide to potential volunteers. The more we know about your organization, the easier it is for us to find you the right volunteer(s).
  • Organizations recruiting volunteers must have a place of business; we do not refer volunteers to private addresses.
  • We are happy to post your volunteer requests on our website, with your authorization to do so. Potential volunteers looking on-line can thereby contact you directly OR
  • Our placement counsellors can pre-screen potential volunteers if you prefer - simply indicate your preference on the request form.


General information about volunteer requests

Our placement counsellors meet members of the public interested in doing volunteer work. They spend 20 to 30 minutes interviewing them in order to match them to a volunteer job, corresponding to their interests, aptitudes, schedule, etc. 

We have active requests for volunteers from over 800 community organizations. The clienteles or causes for which demand is heaviest include:  children and adolescents, seniors, hospitals, women's groups and the handicapped.  Activities proposed include direct services to individuals, office work, accompaniment/transportation and organizing activities or special events.   If you would like to add your organization's name to our page of places which are always looking for volunteers, please click here to fill out the permission form.

The media, particularly the print media, are one of our best sources of recruitment. Our press releases go out every week in English and French to the major dailies, a number of weeklies and to TV and radio stations. Our announcements also appear on the electronic bulletin boards in the Montreal Metro.

Give us a call at 514.842.3351 if you need further information.