AFS Interculture Canada

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info-canada [at] afs [dot] org

International non-profit organization dedicated to global understanding and community involvement through international programs for youth and for adults.

Métro Lucien-L'Allier
1425, Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, Bureau 1100, Montréal, Québec

This organization's needs

  • Short-term activity from 2019-10-09 to 2019-10-11 | Become a volunteer for the 2019 AFS Global Conference! For the second edition, open to the general public, AFS wishes to offer an enriching and pleasant experience to all. The aim: to bring together people from all over the world and from various backgrounds to move forward and take action for a better education for active global citizenship. Take part in this year’s! | Place of work: On location | Volunteers required: 100 Read more...