Nazareth Community

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nazarethcommunity [dot] volunteering [at] gmail [dot] com

Downtown residences for men and for women dealing with mental health issues, homelessness and addictions.
Our mission is to always raise awareness and to reduce the stigma of mental illness and homelessness. We provide assistance and support and offer programs and services that are adaptable to each individual with the focus on empowerment and cooperation.


This organization's needs

  • Nazareth Community requires volunteers to help out in its kitchen, namely in assisting the kitchen with preparing and serving meals for 22 residents who are struggling with mental health issues, homelessness and addiction. | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • One of the residences of Nazareth Community, Anne's House, is looking for a volunteer podiatrist located in the neighbourhood (Ville-Marie) to come once every month to check and maintain the health of our residents’ feet. There are 28 women currently living in Anne's House. | Place of work: Downtown, H3H 2A4 Read more...
  • Join our community by volunteering at Nazareth House, a home for men with a history of homelessness and/or mental health issues. We are seeking a community-minded, empathetic person who is capable of performing tasks related to maintenance and general upkeep. | Place of work: Downtown, H3H 2A4 Read more...