Action bénévole du Bénin - Internationale (ABB-I)

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L’ONG Action Bénévole du Bénin-Internationale (ABB-I) est une organisation à but non lucratif (OBNL) vouée à la promotion et au développement du bénévolat au Bénin. Elle a pour vocation de regrouper des organismes et des personnes bénévoles au Bénin et à travers le monde, spécialement au Canada afin de « promouvoir l’action bénévole » dans les différents secteurs de l’activité humaine et de susciter une réponse aux besoins de la population béninoise dans les domaines de la santé, éducation, art & culture, sports & loisirs, environnement, alphabétisation, communication, etc.

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2125, rue Remembrance , App. 404, Lachine (Québec)

This organization's needs

  • Volunteering Abroad: We offer a structured and safe environment for your volunteer projects in Benin. Our approach is to match our local volunteers with our expatriate volunteers to facilitate mutual transfer of skills. If you want to help people and families in situations of vulnerability in a developing country, take this opportunity to make a difference. Please note that Action Bénévole du Bénin is not subsidized, so we ask each volunteer expatriate to support our efforts by raising funds for any mission that can last from 2 weeks to 12 months. All of our volunteers are helped to achieve this goal through fundraising activities. Tasks: Accompany NGOs in Benin on various projects, promote volunteering in Benin, and participate in various recreational activities. | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • As part of the implementation of its action program, Action Bénévole du Bénin-Internationale is seeking volunteers for event planning and promotion. Volunteers will be involved in organizing events and fundraising campaigns as well as developing fundraising strategies. The funds raised will be used for ABB-I operation, for the elaboration and execution of our solidarity projects, for the training of our NGO members and for the promotion of voluntary action and international solidarity. Tasks: Leverage its fundraising skills and participate in the development of philanthropic management-based methods and fundraising strategies in collaboration with our team: prospecting for government grants, prospecting for corporate partnerships, foundations and individuals. | Place of work: 1111 Boul. Frederik-Philips, Suite 623 H4M 2X6 SAINT LAURENT QC | Volunteers required: 5 Read more...
  • As part of our action program, we are looking for two Francophone or bilingual volunteers who are kind, reliable and empathetic with client service skills or experience as a receptionist to answer the phone during Working hours. In collaboration with our Executive Director, recruited volunteers will also have to carry out certain related tasks within the framework of the functioning of our organization (e.g. Making appointments, assistance with the preparation of public information sessions, various administrative tasks). | Place of work: 1111 Boul. Frederik-Philips, Suite 623 H4M 2X6 SAINT LAURENT QC Read more...