McCord Museum of Canadian History

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info [dot] mccord [at] mccord-stewart [dot] ca

Public research and teaching museum dedicated to the preservation, study, diffusion and appreciation of Canadian history.

Métro McGill / bus 24
2175, rue Victoria , Montréal, Québec

This organization's needs

  • As a volunteer guide, you accompany visitors as they encounter the exhibition, objects and themes that are addressed. As a facilitator, you foster dynamic discussions between visitors and give them space to speak so they can be the agents of their visit, which becomes a social experience. Without a doubt, you will make a difference in their museum experience. More concretely, you could be asked to fulfill one or several of these tasks: Learn the content of exhibitions and lead tours of the exhibitions for different publics, in French and/or English; lead educational and cultural activities to complement the exhibitions and contribute to the development of certain projects. | Place of work: On location Read more...