Activities to promote volunteerism

Can helping be fun?  Or valuable?

We think so!  Volunteering is not only a great way to get people involved in their community. We offer free information and discussion sessions on volunteering.  Invite the VBM to your group event! Take a traditional classroom learning experience and transform it into something special! Give a net-working meeting whole new horizon to explore!  Add some tang to your lunch or brunch!

Group events are great opportunities to explore the realm of volunteering and the VBM’s Volunteer Promotion team is happy to help your members/clientele/students discover how volunteering can make a real difference in their lives and their communities.

Here are some reasons volunteering might be of more interest to specific groups:

Recent immigrants

  • learn about their new country
  • begin to integrate into a new culture
  • help build social networks (make friends!)
  • Click here for more information.

Young people

  • discover their full potential
  • have new experiences
  • create new contacts
  • check out career choices

Recent retirees or those about to retire

  • have an interesting and healthy retirement
  • stay connected
  • share their passion and their skills

Job seekers 

  • gain precious experience
  • add value to their CV’s
  • work alongside people who appreciate their talents and aptitudes

Anyone wanting to volunteer

For more information, contact us at 514.842.3351