Group Volunteering

United we stand! Group volunteering offers community-based organizations great opportunities for getting big jobs done.

Need help with spring cleaning, painting, or in reorganizing your storage? Or a few extra heads and hands to organize a party, barbeque, or rummage sale?

The Volunteer Bureau of Montreal is often contacted by corporations or other groups wanting to get their employees or members involved in the community through a group volunteer activity. These groups vary in size, from 4 to 150 people (!), and in how much time they have to offer.

Take a look through this section to learn more about group volunteering, how to organize such an activity, or simply to find a group to help you out.  


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Please get intouch with our Group Volunteering Service if you have any questions.  You can reach us by groupe [at] cabm [dot] net (e-mail here) or by phone at 514.842.3351.



Companies, sport clubs, families, and schools can all help you out.