Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruitment and Referral

Dear Members,

So that that this service works most effectively for you, read the guidelines below before placing a volunteer request!

How does the recruitment and referral service work?





Ensure that your organization’s VBM Membership is valid.




Prepare a well-thought out volunteer request, including a task description which describes the role of the volunteer in your organization. 

Some suggestions are posted further down this page.




Fill out a volunteer request form using the link below.

We only accept requests submitted via the web form below.  Emailed or faxed requests will not be processed.




Your requests will be:

  • published in the "I Want to Volunteer" section of our web site;

  • sent to roughly sixty media outlets (digital, print, television, and radio);

  • dispatched to various educational institutions and private corporations;

  • given to suitable volunteer candidates who are interviewed in-house by our counsellors.




Potential volunteers will contact you directly to offer their services, as your name and contact information will be included on each posting.




It is up to you to take it from there! Make sure you can return messages within a timely manner or you risk missing out on some great volunteers.




Contact us when:

  • you accept one of the volunteers we have referred;

  • a request is no longer needed;

  • there are changes to be made to a request.


Things to be aware of before placing a request

The VBM does not:


Have a bank of volunteers on hand:  place requests early enough to give us time to get your posting out far and wide;


Conduct screening or background checks on potential volunteers.  You must have your own screening process in place before beginning recruitment;

   Refer volunteers to private addresses; organizations must have a place of business. If your organization is virtual or if a volunteer opportunity involves a "virtual" task, specify this in your request!

Recruit for religious or political acitivites;


Recruit for organizations located overseas; duly accredited Canadian partner associations of such organizations may contact us for more information in such cases;


If your organization’s VBM Membership lapses, our system will automatically remove your volunteer postings at midnight on the expiry date.  So take action on the Membership renewal notice you will receive several weeks prior!


Here’s an example of a volunteer request that didn’t get great results:


“Volunteer needed to answer the phone.”

Compare it to this one:


“Personable, punctual, empathetic adult volunteers needed to answer our six phone lines during business hours, in English and French, one half day a week (preferably for a minimum of three months).  Previous receptionist experience an asset, but training is provided.  Our lively team and teenaged clientele would count on you to make sure we all stay in touch!”

In other words ...

Putting time and effort into preparing a volunteer request can spare you screening and training candidates who don’t fit your needs.

Matching the right person with the right volunteer opportunity is not that different from hiring a new employee: it takes preparation and clear expectations of both parties from the get-go.  That said, it never hurts to add a bit of charm and warmth to the who, what, how, when, and why of a task!


Place your request below! 

For more information about recruitment, call us at 514.842.3351

Contact person for this activity

Example: Volunteer Coordinator, Adminstrative Assistant, President of Board

Description of volunteer activity

Task Description

Provide a BRIEF paragraph describing the activity, the volunteer's responsibilities, necessary skills/experience/education/qualifications, as well as some context if appropriate, i.e., is this part of a fund-raising campaign, a special event, renovations, is it a team project, etc.

The VBM reserves the right to edit for content and brevity.

Volunteer requests for religious or political activities will not be accepted.

If you provide text in only either English or French, your request will only be posted in that language.  The VBM does not provide translation services.


Here are some examples:

- Tuesday and Thursday, noon to 4pm
- Friday or Sunday, 9am to 11am
- Dec. 12 through Dec. 22nd, various schedules possible

Examples: parade, festival, Christmas event.

Minimum commitment expected from individual volunteers for this activity

Potential volunteers appreciate knowing how much time you expect them to invest, including for training.  Being clear about this upfront benefits both sides.  You can add details about training in the task description (above) if necessary.

Examples: flexible, occasionally, once a year, until end of school term or school year.

Number of volunteers needed
Group Volunteering

The VBM receives offers from corporate groups, schools, families, and other groups who are interested in volunteering together.

Example: 4 groups of 20 people

(ex.: paint, cleaning agents, trash bags, food ....)

Additional information regarding this activity

Check off all which apply to this particular activity. 

Support and incentives

Check off all which apply to this particular activity.

Examples: a T-shirt or participation gift.

Pre-screening candidates

In the case of women’s shelters, organizations which work with ex-convicts, and other particular instances, the VBM can pre-screen potential volunteers before giving them your contact information. 

  • Such requests are posted with our phone number, obliging candidates to book an appointment with one of our placement counsellors. 

  • During the interview, the counsellor will try to determine if the person meets the criteria specified in your posting and if they would likely be at ease in the work environment.

To use this service, your task description must include criteria to screen for, such as a list of skills, aptitudes, and required knowledge.

The VBM does not conduct in-depth screening or police background checks on any volunteer.

Note that while this service may reduce the number of unqualified candidates who offer their services, it can also increase how long it takes for you to find volunteers:  candidates may have to wait a week or more before meeting with a counsellor.


If you would like a copy of your answers for your files, please print this form BEFORE clicking "submit."

Once you have done so, you will see a screen thanking you for your submission AND receive a copy of your answers at the email address provided for your Volunteer Coordinator.  If this does not happen, we have not received your request.