Latest Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating Data Released

New data released recently from the largest Canadian study on giving and volunteering reveals how key segments of the population support one another and their communities. Findings from the 2007 Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating provide a portrait of activities that are integral to the Canadian social fabric and allow us to understand how and why Canadians contribute to their communities either through donations, volunteering or helping fellow Canadians directly.


While the rates of donating, volunteering and helping are largely unchanged since the 2004 survey, there has been modest growth in the total value of donations, the average size of donations and total volunteer hours. There are also changes at the provincial and territorial level.


In 2007, Canadians donated a total of $10 billion, an increase of 12% or $1.1 billion since 2004, and volunteered 2.1 billion hours, a 4.2% increase. The average donation increased to $437 from $400 in 2004 while the average number of volunteer hours remained about the same at 166 hours. The bulk of support continues to come from a narrow segment of the population: 21% of Canadians account for 82% of the total value of donations, and 12% of Canadians account for 78% of all volunteer hours.


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