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Visit these pages of cabm.net: Short-term activities, Group volunteering, I'm under 18, Organizations always seeking volunteers and Volunteer Fairs.

Short-term activities
Do some of your activities (renovation, organizing special events or outings, wrapping gifts, etc.) only require a short-term commitment? The volunteer opportunities listed in this section allow people who don't want to make a long-term commitment to still make a valuable contribution.

Group volunteering
The VBM is often invited to help businesses and organizations find organizations where their employees or members can volunteer as a group. Groups can vary in size (from 4 to 150 people) and in how regularly they're available.

For more information about group volunteering, please get in touch with Gabrielle Richard or Valérie Millette.

I'm under 18
Would your organization like to recruit-on a short-term or regular basis-volunteers under 18 years of age? The I'm under 18 section of our Web site lists over 60 organizations that recruit young volunteers.

Organizations always seeking volunteers
Organizations which are always looking for new volunteers and are ready to take them on at any time are invited to add their name to this listing. Volunteers can contact them directly, without going through the Volunteer Bureau.

Volunteer Fairs
Volunteer fairs-usually taking place in a student milieu-bring together a large number of community organizations that set up information tables or kiosks to recruit volunteers. The number of tables can vary from 15 to 50.

People interested in volunteering visit the volunteer fair to find out more about the organizations and their services and the volunteer opportunities they offer.

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