A new chapter begins for the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal!


November 2008 marks the end of an era for the Volunteer Bureau. Over a year after our friend and colleague Kevin Cohalan announced his intention to step down as executive director, the moment has arrived. The months leading up to his retirement gave the board of directors and the staff time to prepare for the change, to define the qualities needed in a new director and to ensure a successful transition.

An open competition for the post allowed the three members of the selection committee to meet a number of interesting candidates from varied backgrounds. In evaluating and comparing them all, it became clear that the best person for the job was one of the Bureau's current employees, astevens [at] cabm [dot] net (Alison Stevens).

As coordinator of training and consultation for the past seven years, Alison's job has been to direct and develop the Bureau's training program, working in close collaboration with volunteer coordinators, directors and other employees of hundreds of Montreal community organizations. Her expertise in volunteer management, her knowledge of the Montreal community milieu, anglophone and francophone, and her firm commitment to the cause of volunteerism made her the candidate best suited for the job.

Both personally and on behalf of the board of directors, I'd like to thank Kevin for all he's accomplished for the Bureau over the last 22 years and wish him all success in his career as a new retiree, congratulate Alison as she takes over the job of executive director and officially welcome her to her new responsibilities.

Julie Beauvilliers

Board of Directors