A new Facebook application called Volunteer Connect...

A new Facebook application called Volunteer Connect will launch in the coming days and we are looking for volunteer centres across Canada to get involved. We believe that the application has the potential to increase volunteering as millions of Canadians use Facebook on a daily basis.The volunteer organization Volunteer Toronto has started posting events on the application and we would like to get charities in Montreal involved as well.

The way it will work is simple: charities and volunteer centres send us upcoming opportunities that we post on our application. Facebook members will have a 'volunteer calendar' and be notified of upcoming events through postings or from invitations from friends. The service is completely free and our aim is two-fold: 1) To make it easier for volunteers to find charities they are interested in, and 2) To help charities reach volunteers in an easy and effective manner.

Please try the link below for a Beta version of the application and let us know if you would like to get involved:

We are really excited about this and we hope you will be too!

Thanks for your time,


Nick Malouin