Standards and Promising Practices for Canada's Voluntary Sector

Volunteer Canada, along with Imagine Canada and the HR Council for the Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector, are working together to develop a Standards Program for Canada's charities and nonprofit organizations, and to provide access to tools and resources through the Promising Practices Initiative.

As part of the Standards Steering Committee, Volunteer Canada is overseeing the implementation of a Standards Program, with a focus on governance, human resources (paid and volunteer), and accountability, transparency, and financial management. These standards - or good practices - are being developed to assist organizations as they seek ways to improve their operations.

The Committee is also working on developing the Promising Practices Initiative. The purpose of the Initiative is to provide the sector with practical and user-friendly tools, resources and training in the areas of governance, human resources (paid and volunteer), and financial accountability.


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Source: August 2009 Newsletter from Volunteer Canada.