Statistics Canada offers three workshops in Montréal for Spring 2016

1 - Introduction to Basic Statistics
(In Montréal : Monday, April 25 – In English)

A quick refresher course for those who have had statistical training in the past or a fast-paced introduction to basic statistics for beginners. Statistical measures such as percentages, averages, frequency and standard error are used widely. But how are they calculated, and exactly what do they tell us? This one day workshop will help participants develop an appreciation of the potential of statistics and a critical eye of when and how they should or shouldn't be used.
2 - Making Sense of Survey Data
(in Montréal : Tuesday, April 26 – In English)

This three-day workshop is for people who look at probability survey results and want to make sense of the numbers. The workshop opens with a review of the statistical concepts that determine what one can say – and not say – with results from a probability-based sample survey. Participants will then work through a case study of a Statistics Canada health survey to see the impact of the survey process on results, how to review data during the survey process, how and when to use survey weights (and what they are), and basic methods for finding and presenting the story within the mass of results that come out of a survey. Participants should be familiar with Excel, and exposure to pivot tables is desirable.

3 - Statistics Canada's Supply-Use Framework – formally known as input-output simulations
(In Montréal : Tuesday, May 17 – In French)
This workshop provides an overview of Statistics Canada's Supply and Use Tables (formally referred to as the Input-Output Tables) and derived products such as GDP or value-added by industry, the Input-Output multipliers and the Input-Output economic impact model. The presentation is geared towards those who are using, interested in using, or want to have a greater understanding of these products. It is advised that the participants have a general knowledge of macroeconomic concepts such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), international and interprovincial trade, investments (gross fixed capital formation) and household consumption.

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