Visibility Exchange: can we help each other?


The VBM is over 1,000 organizations looking for volunteers. Help in recruting volunteers, a web site for matching volunteers to organizations, volunteer fairs, consulting in volunteer resource management and a resource library are among the services offered for free to our client organizations.

Agencies wishing to offer some visibility to the VBM in exchange for these services can:

  • post a link to the VBM's site on their web site or blog;
  • install our brand new Widget/search engine on their web site;
  • include one of our print advertisements (Reading, a volunteer activity?  Chess, a...) or our logo in one of their own plublications. Other formats are also available;
  • hang our superb posters (24" X 36") created for the VBM by the well-known Québecois artist Miyuki Tanobe. Receive a poster free of charge by simply providing a mailing address;
  • include our brochures in their display stand. Same as for posters;
  • etc.

For more information, please contact flahaise [at] cabm [dot] net (François Lahaise), VBM communication officer.