We can each make a difference - Give 3% of income and volunteering 3 hours a month


We do not have to be rich to make a difference. Collectively, we have the power to help save lives, feed the hungry, support the elderly, look after the needy, and do so much more.  GIV3 is about encouraging Canadians to give 3% of income and volunteering 3 hours a month to charitable causes.

It's the right thing to do.  Read about how we arrived at these levels. You may not know that the average Canadian is wealthier than the average American, and yet we only donate half as much money per person. Canadians are caring people. And caring people help others.

GIV3 is a not-for-profit program of The Hallmont Foundation, a private registered Canadian charitable foundation. We are not a government program, and we are not seeking your funds...  This is a private initiative by a few proud Canadians working to encourage each of us to be more charitable. There is so much need, and so much benefit from charity.  We need the charity sector to succeed. - By helping others, you help yourself. You make our country great, safe, caring, and respected.

Give3 - Dare to care