Welcome Evelyn! - The new coordinator, training and consultation at the VBM

Being involved in the community both in Québec and in West Africa, where I worked as volunteer for almost six years, has always been for me an interest and a need. A way of life and a way of being. So it is a great pleasure for me to join a dynamic group of people who really believe in community involvement, and more particularly in volunteering.

I became more specifically interested in the management of volunteer resources during my experience last year at the Women's Centre of Montreal, where I had the opportunity to work on strengthening the way volunteer services are managed there. Being exposed to the concerns of both volunteers and those who support and supervise them, has given me a broader perspective on the issues and challenges involved.

In my new job as the coordinator of training and consultation, I anticipate deepening my understanding of these issues. In addition, I look forward to meeting many volunteer coordinators from a wide variety of community organizations, all of whom share a common interest in better supporting and equipping the volunteers with whom they work.

I can't wait to start my work at the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal and to contribute the promotion and recognition of volunteers whose contribution is both invaluable and necessary.

ejoncas [at] cabm [dot] net (Evelyn Joncas)