Éco-Quartier NDG (Prévention CDN-NDG) (#30209)

Community environmental organization working with local businesses, schools and neighbourhood residents to promote the 3Rs, outdoor cleanliness, beautification and greening.
Volunteers needed to advertise the organization's services and promote its environmental message by putting up flyers on local bulletin boards, in community centres and businesses across NDG. For more information via email: benevoles.econdg@gmail.com. | Place of work: On location
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Information | Door-to-door | Public relations/Promotion
Bus tickets | Training
Length of commitment: 
Three hours, once a week
Lysiane Chagnon Fontaine, Coordonnatrice de bénévoles / 514.486.2727 / benevoles.econdg@gmail.com
Place of work: 
On location
Métro Vendôme, autobus 102, 104 / Métro Atwater, autobus 104, 138 / Métro Snowdon, autobus 51
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This organization's needs

  • We are looking for volunteers to patrol the neighborhood and give courtesy notes. The courtesy notes are a friendly reminder of what items don't belong in the brown bin, with the goal of increasing the quality of the food waste collection. The volunteer patrol will go across the neighborhood to check brown bins on collection days, and distribute courtesy notes if contaminants are found (ex: plastic bags). | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • We are looking for dynamic volunteers to go door-to-door to raise awareness about recycling. In an effort to increase the quality and quantity of materials sent for recycling, we are meeting residents in apartment buildings to inform them about good recycling practices and to answer their questions. No experience required, training is offered. Functional bilingualism is required. | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • Our beautiful pollinator garden needs volunteers who have gardening experience and horticultural expertise! Tasks include weeding, cleaning, pruning, and others. The schedule is flexible, depending on the availability of volunteers, and the garden is truly a wonderful place to spend time in! If you have gardening tools, it's even better. Contact us! | Place of work: On location Read more...