Say Ça! (#31876)

Say Ça!
Support services for youth ages 12 to 18 in Montreal, providing tutoring and mentoring sessions in French and English.
Fhe Fundraising Chair works alongside the Development Officer to ensure timeliness of recurring revenues. You are responsible to organize fundraising events: Develop and pitch fundraising ideas to the executive team. Be responsible for logistical and operational planning of fundraisers, Ensure timeliness of recurring revenues. Work closely with the accountant to keep records of fundraiser cash flows, after each fundraiser and work periodically (every 15 days) with the ED and Development Officer to keep track of Say Ça!’s budgeting needs.Network constantly with other organizations and development groups to solicit support for fundraising activities (where applicable). | Place of work: Au lieu choisi par le bénévole
Bilingue (F/A)
Adolescents | International cooperation
Certificate of recogniton | Reference letter upon request
Sonia Khazri, Coordinatrice des bénévoles /
Place of work: 
Au lieu choisi par le bénévole
Métro Guy-Concordia
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This organization's needs

  • The description of this request is only available in French. | Nous recherchons des bénévoles ponctuels, fiables, dynamiques et proactifs pour encadrer nos séances de tutorat et mentorat 3 samedis par mois (9h-10h Tutorat d'anglais, 10h-11h Tutorat de français, 11h-12h Mentorat). Nos services s'adressent aux jeunes nouveaux arrivants à Montréal agés de 10 à 18 ans. | Place of work: On location | Volunteers required: 5 Read more...
  • Student coordinators : We currently have a group of 15 students and can accommodate 5-10 more. Your role will be to find 5-10 new students that are newcomers. Once the goal is reached, you can move to other missions within our organization if you wish. Responsibilities: Make our organization and our services known to newcomers, review our promotional materials, communicate on social networks and relevant facebook groups, contact other organizations working with newcomers to create partnerships, participate in networking events when required. | Place of work: Lieu et heures au choix Read more...