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Hospital specializing in care, research and teaching in mental health, affiliated with McGill University and the World Health Organization. Moving Ahead is a program which matches volunteers with people living in family-type residence settings.
We need people like you, people with a heart. Mental health needs you! You dream of giving support and a smile to someone suffering from a mental health disorder, whether she is hospitalised and Douglas Mental Health University Institute or living in the community, volunteer now. Join our superb volunteer’s team and break some of our client’s isolation. Share activities with them. Take a walk in the park. Share a coffee in a coffee shop in their community close to their home. Play cards. Talk sports and latest news. Bring them shopping and go see a movie with them They need you!!! Help us de stigmatise mental health. If you are available for a year minimum for 90 minutes per week or more here are our coordinates: Karine Ravenelle at 514.761.6131 ext 4106 | Place of work: Verdun-Lasalle-Lachine principalement
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Mental health
Certificate of recogniton | Reference letter upon request | Parking | Supervision
Length of commitment: 
1.5 hours a week or 3 every 2 weeks for a year.
Catherine Rodrigue, Chef des ressources bénévoles et soins spirituels par interim /
Place of work: 
Verdun-Lasalle-Lachine principalement
Métro LaSalle, autobus 58 / Métro Jolicoeur, autobus 112
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This organization's needs

  • The description of this request is only available in French. | Aider à dé-stigmatiser la santé mentale. Soyez jumelé avec une personne ayant un trouble de santé mentale et aider à briser la solitude tout en ayant du plaisir garanti! Nous avons besoin de vous si vous êtes créatif, patient, humain, sincère, ouvert, pour faire des activités avec nos usagers qui habitent dans la communauté, et qui aimeraient aller prendre un café, jaser, aller au cinéma, aller faire des courses, magasiner, prendre des marches etc, Si vous êtes disponible 2 heures par semaine pour une durée de 1 an car nous avons besoin de votre engagement sérieux pour une excellente cause. Nous vous verrons pour une entrevue. Vérifierons vos références de travail, d'école ou de bénévolats présents ou passés et aussi ferons une vérification de vos antécédents policiers. | Place of work: Lachine-Lasalle-Verdun, Montreal Read more...
  • The description of this request is only available in French. | Etudiants en psychologie, travail social, neurobiologie, médecine, criminologie, ou autres venez acquérir une expérience en santé mentale maintenant!! Les ressources bénévoles de l'Institut Universitaire en santé mentale Douglas recherchent des gens engagés, dynamiques, ouverts, constants, fiables, pour briser l'isolement de nos usagers en santé mentale. Aller les chercher à domicile pour prendre des marches, aller au parc, au cinéma, au restaurant, jouer aux cartes, discuter etc. Vous devez être disponible pour 1 an. Lettre de référence à la fin du mandat. Vous aurez une entrevue, nous vérifierons aussi vos références. | Place of work: Lasalle, Verdun, NDG, Lachine, et autres Read more...
  • (#32158) Douglas Institute | CIUSSS-ODIMDaytime | Nighttime | Week-end
    Join us in our pursuit to stop the mental health stigma! If you have an interest for mental health, and are pro-active, open minded, with our without experience in the field but are ready to share your precious time with someone suffering from a mental health disorder, we definitely want to meet with you. We continuously need volunteers available and open to work in the community for a minimum period of one year for 1.5 hours per week in order to offer our clients stability. We are looking for volunteers with a big heart, involved and conscientious of the importance of the value of their work for these people in order to break their isolation. You will meet our clients in the community close to their homes to bring them shopping, do their errands with them, share a small meal at a restaurant, a coffee at the corner coffee shop, a moment at the library, a walk in the park, a sport, a game of cards etc. | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • Douglas mental health Institute is looking for volunteers who will work in the community with our users when they are transferred in order to help them break the isolation that comes from the mental health stigma, bring them for a coffee, go to museums, festivals, movies, shopping or for a bite to eat,. Etc. Be part of a great support system that can make the entire difference! | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • Nous sommes à la recherche de bénévoles capables d'animer des groupes d'arts, de dessin, de peinture, de gouache, d'écriture etc et des bénévoles pour les accompagner au musée. Nous avons besoin de gens bilingues, ouvert à la santé mentale et ses divers aspects. | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • We are always in need of people passionate about working in Mental Health. If you are open minded, empathetic, compassionate, and warm and if you are free 2 hours or more a week and are available for a minimum of one year, please contact us and we will discuss your opportunities. We are looking for people to do friendly visits with our users suffering from mental health as well as activities with them in the community to break the isolation such as walks-parcs-restaurants-card games- board games, movies, museums, festivals, etc. If you play music, if you would like to animate a bingo group, or animate different games we would love to meet you. N.B. We will do an interview, do a police check and call 2 of your past or present work- and -or volunteer references. | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • We are actively looking for serious volunteers who want to play cards, board games, have discussions through friendly visits, take small walks with our elderly. There will be a police check and we will call 2 of your professional or present or past volunteer work place. We are looking for compassionate, serious, gentle, calm but dynamic people who are willing to be consistant for a minimum of one full year for 2 hours per week. Looking forward to meeting with you! | Place of work: On location Read more...