Piano Day Montreal (#32720)

Piano Day Montreal
Nous célébrons la Fête internationale du Piano tous les 88e jours de l'année et récoltons des fonds dans le but de créer des évènements de musique à vertu thérapeutique et supporter des programmes de thérapie par la musique.
Piano Day Montreal is searching for new C.A. members. to accomplish more. | Place of work: On location
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Art & culture | Mental health
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Other | Certificate of recogniton | Training | Reference letter upon request | Meal | Parking | Supervision
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Free access to our events
Length of commitment: 
Once per season for a total of 4 per year
Nadia Monczak, Directrice de l'organisme / 514.935.2099 / pianodaymtl@gmail.com
Place of work: 
On location
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  • (#32551) Piano Day MontrealDaytime | Nighttime
    We are looking for volunteers that are searching for experience in hosting music events. We celebrate the piano every 88th day of the year. Piano Day is an initiative that started in Berlin and was proposed by the musician Nils Frahm. We take this opportunity to collect funds and support music therapy programs of the Cedar Cancer Center. Many roles are ready to be filled on the welcoming team, the artisan & musician boutique, the installation team, the green team (helps with the cleaning during and after events), the gardian angel team (takes care of our visitors and thier needs). Subscribe to our volunteer's list and help us build a community around the piano! | Place of work: On location | Volunteers required: 5 Read more...
  • The description of this request is only available in French. | We are looking for administrators that would like to join our team to help us in the development of Piano Day Montreal. We are a new board that have to face with resilience the COVID-19 pandemic at a crucial stage of our development. We are searching for the following expertise: Accounting, social media development, grant writing, fund campaign and volunteer recruitment. | Place of work: Saint-Henri (Siège social) - Télétravail en temps de COVID-19 Read more...