Meals on Wheels originated in England during the Second World War, providing meals for air-raid victims. After the war, it developed into a home care service for the elderly.

Inspired by the British model, similar programs were developed in Canada in the 1960s. In 1966 the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal, in collaboration with the Victorian Order of Nurses, helped set up the first Montreal Meals on Wheels group.

Today, over 200 Meals on Wheels groups (known in French as Popotes roulantes) are at work across the province of Quebec. Nearly two-thirds of the groups in the Montreal area are affiliated with the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal.

Lunch Clubs (congregate dining services) are another important form of volunteer food service for seniors. Nearly fifty Lunch Clubs are affiliated with the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal's Volunteer Food Services Central Office.

For more information about Meals on Wheels or Lunch Clubs, call the Central Office at 514.842.3351 and ask for Meals on Wheels liaison-sab [at] cabm [dot] net (liaison agent).