Volunteer activities directory

You can volunteer in a wide range of fields, including:


Volunteer food services :

  • Meals-on-Wheels volunteers deliver hot meals at home to clients with a loss of autonomy, meaning people who require services that allow them to remain at home instead of going to an institution (see Santropol roulant and Popote roulante de Brossard).
  • Community meals are a way for seniors to eat and socialize together instead of staying home alone. This service is geared more toward a clientele with greater mobility.
  • Accompanying and running errands for people with reduced mobility.
  • Hosting activities at a community centre: fitness classes, craft workshops, bingo, Internet, gentle exercise, social activities, and recreational and cultural outings.


  • Day care centres, camps, schools, museums, community centres, etc.
  • Hospitals, rehabilitation centres
  • Cultural and recreational activities (e.g.:Big Brother's Big Sisters)
  • Missing children, children’s dreams (e.g.:Fondation Rêves d’Enfants)


  • Information and reference centres (e.g.:YMCA Montreal)
  • Day centres, shelters
  • Active listening
  • Services for single mothers, homeless women, and victims of sexual assault
  • HIV / AIDS


  • Visits to senior residents in extended care centres
  • Pediatrics: visits, support, game rooms and day care centers, classrooms
  • Snack bars, cafeterias, gift shops, messaging services, support
  • Palliative care: friendly visits to terminally ill patients, moral support and comfort for families. Volunteers must undergo training beforehand.


  • General office work: filing, photocopies, phone calls, etc.
  • Computers: word processing, data entry, Internet, web programming
  • Accounting, bookkeeping
  • Translating letters, documents (option to work from home)

Short special events

(People who would prefer not to get involved on a regular basis can check the Short-term activities section.)

  • Recruitment or financing campaigns
  • Cultural or sporting events (e.g.: La fête des enfants)
  • Conferences: registration clerk, workshop secretary, host, etc.



  • Working with youth or adults, individually or in groups
  • Literacy activities for adults
  • Help for students progressing slowly in school or who have learning difficulties


  • Accompanying a person with reduced mobility to encourage them to get away from their isolation, to get to a medical appointment or social activity, etc. Any fees incurred are usually refunded.
  • Delivering Meal on Wheels.
  • Collecting donations: food, clothing, furniture, etc.)
  • Driving a minibus (volunteers must have the necessary license)

Organisation, coordination, and communications

  • Organizing all kinds of activities
  • Coordinating work for other volunteers
  • Writing press releases, public relations, designing promotional material, organizing press conferences, searching for sponsorships, compiling resource directories, etc.

Arts and culture

  • Museums: reception, guide, gift shop, coat check, etc.
  • Orchestras, dance and theatre troupes
  • Musicians for reception centres and community events
  • Hosting crafting sessions

Information, reference, and listening

(une formation est habituellement donnée)

  • Information and reference centres, day centres, telephone helplines (e.g.:Tel-Aide)
  • Active listening with a positive attitude

Cultural communities

  • Volunteering in organizations based within cultural communities
  • Services to new immigrants (e.g.:CACI - Support Centre for Immigrant Communities)
  • Interpretation services, accompanying new immigrants who need to go to public services
  • Teaching official languages
  • Intercultural activities


  • Delivering Meals on Wheels to seniors with a loss of autonomy
  • Community meal services in seniors’ centres
  • Organizing services, purchasing, kitchen work, maintenance
  • Food banks, community restaurants



  • Sponsoring a person with a physical or intellectual disability, former psychiatric patients, or AIDS victims
  • Helping and supporting the person they are sponsoring
  • Acting as a spokesperson, advisor, teacher, and companion

Environment / Ecology

Déficience intellectuelle

  • Services to individuals, such as sponsorship and support (e.g.:Parrainage Civique Montréal)
  • Working with groups: recreational or cultural outings (e.g.:L'Arche-Montréal)

Physical disability

  • Helping people suffering from muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, visual or hearing impairments, etc.
  • Services to individuals, such as sponsorship and support
  • Hosting professional or crafting activities: providing physical aid during meetings or recreational activities

Mental health

  • Assisting specialists responsible for various services to this clientele
  • Helping former psychiatric patients, persons suffering from loneliness, dependence, and other emotional issues, as well as providing support for social integration (e.g.:Douglas Hospital)
  • Rehabilitation or active listening activities for this clientele or persons suffering from substance abuse
  • Hosting sports, crafting, group creation, and personal growth activities

Fundraising campaigns*

  • Annual campaigns for foundations, research companies, institutes, and national organizations
  • Mailing, information booths, selling pins, etc.

Manual labour*

  • Helping organizations: renovations
  • Loading and unloading trucks for food banks

(*) indicates an indirect service, meaning that volunteers provide this service without being in direct contact with the clientele.


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