Group volunteering request form


Dear members,

In order to ensure that the service meets your needs efficiently, please read the instructions below carefully before submitting a request for volunteers.

1   Make sure your organization’s membership with the VBM is valid, otherwise, you can become a member.

2   Prepare a request for volunteers that is specific, includes a description of the task, and describes the role of volunteers in your organization.

3   Fill out a request for volunteers using the form below.  Only requests submitted using the form will be processed. All submissions received through email or fax will be refused.

4   Let us know when:
  • you recruit a volunteer that we referred;
  • a request is no longer valid;
  • you have changes to make to a request.

 Contact Antonella at 514.842.3351, ext 222 for more information.
Make your requestion by filling out the form below: 

Organization and Contact informations

Please indicate area code and extension if possible

Description of the activity
Work site
Date and schedule

(You may check more than one option of the above)

ex: from 9am to 3:30pm

Resources required for this activity

ex: paint, cleaning agents, trash bags, food...

Description of the requested group

total number of volunteers needed

Task description for each sub-group (1 group of 10 to paint; 1 group of 4 as greeters, for instance)

For this request, would you accept...