Partenaires pour la santé mentale

Adresse courriel : 
volunteers [at] partnersformh [dot] ca

Partenaires pour la santé mentale est un organisme national de bienfaisance qui travaille à déclencher un vaste mouvement social en vue de transformer nos perceptions, nos comportements et notre soutien à l’égard de la santé mentale et des personnes vivant avec une maladie mentale.

151, Street Slater , Suite 1110, Montreal

Demandes de l'organisme

  • Each year, about 762 young Canadians commit suicide. Mental health can no longer be ignored. We are all affected in one way or another. Therefore, we must take a stand concerning our own mental health and commit to helping those who live with these problems every day of their lives. With this in mind, we are looking for dynamic volunteers, creative and passionate, proud and independent, to join our Montreal team and contribute to changing things. You will have the opportunity to: Be part of a network of interested people passionate about this subject, acquire new knowledge and participate in a unique experience and contribute to our community in an important way. | Lieu de travail : À l'organisme En savoir plus...