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fondation [at] akidsworld [dot] ca

The first annual A Kid's World Festival opens the door to children of all ages for a celebration of joy and imagination. While fun for Montreal families is at the forefront of this celebration, our team's intentions in throwing A Kid's World Festival is to effectively raise awareness of Quebec's many struggling families. We are planning to donate over $100,000 in childcare services.

1499, Street William , Montréal

Demandes de l'organisme

  • (#30949) Fondation A.Kids.WorldJour | Soir | Fin de semaine
    Possibilité de bénévolat de groupe | Activité à court terme du 2018-07-18 au 2018-07-22 | La description de cette demande est disponible uniquement en anglais. | Volunteers required for A Kid's World Festival 2018 : Greeters for the entrance, they will be inviting the people to come inside the festival grounds and greeting them. Backstage Assistant, will be assisting the backstage manager during performance hours. Photobooth Coordinator: Managing the photo booth. Having people fall in line and assisting the crowd if they have any questions or concerns. Bouncy House Coordinators that will be managing the line for the kids to play in the bouncy house. Assist the children in playing and making sure that accidents will be avoided. Activity Tent Coordinator : Managing the children in the activity booth (arts and crafts). This post is only for July 18-20 (Wednesday to Friday) and a Raffle Assistant :Assisting the Raffle coordinator for people who will buy raffle tickets. | Lieu de travail : Quai de l'Horloge St, Montreal, QC H2L 5C1 | Bénévoles requis : 30 En savoir plus...