Maison Elizabeth

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alexa [dot] savoie [dot] elizabeth [at] ssss [dot] gouv [dot] qc [dot] ca

Centre de réadaptation pour jeunes parents en difficulté d'adaptation, et pour leurs familles, offrant à une clientèle surtout anglophone des services résidentiels et externes.


Demandes de l'organisme

  • La description de cette demande est disponible uniquement en anglais. | Elizabeth House runs a Summer Program for its Young Parents who are, on average, between 15 and 21. The program consists of 2 outings per week, on both Mondays and Wednesdays. The outing provides an opportunity for them to get a break, do something for themselves and bond with their peers. The nursery is fully-equipped to accomodate 10 children aged 0 24 months, and an Elizabeth House educator oversees the functioning, and the volunteers. We are looking for someone who is able to do basic care of the children, such as rocking, feeding, playing with, diaper changing, etc. The Wednesday program runs from 8:30am to 4pm approximately. Some days may be shorter depending on the outing for the moms. It is critical to us that the children have consistency in their care and therefore ask that the volunteer be prepared to commit to the full program, which runs from July 3, 2017 until August 9th, 2017, every Wednesday. A police check will be done before beginning. | Lieu de travail : 1741 de Biencourt, Ville Emard, H4E 1T4 En savoir plus...
  • La description de cette demande est disponible uniquement en anglais. | If like us, you are looking to positively impact the lives of young and vulnerable children, here is how you can help. 1) Residential Program: Babysitting children 0-5 years to give our mothers a short break or to allow them to fully participate in programming. Must be able to provide basic care for the children (feeding, diapering, rocking, entertaining and ensuring safety), to ensure consistency in care. 2) Nursery: Caring for babies 0-18 months while their mothers attend classes at Elizabeth High School. Help is needed to feed, diaper and rock babies to sleep. School year is from September to June must be 21 years and older. All candidates require a police check before they can begin volunteering in our organization. | Lieu de travail : À l'organisme En savoir plus...